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Re: Doing what you have to do

Posted by moonshiner on May 20, 2006 at 14:34:58

In Reply to: Doing what you have to do posted by Observer on May 20, 2006 at 13:50:08:

"Who'd have thot that TF would be stupid enough to buy a mansion in California where so many exmembers live?"

TF's most sensitive and secret WS homes operate like many secret organizations when it comes to hiding. They usually choose between two options: hiding in remote locations where they're unlikely to be discovered, or "hiding" in the open, that is, in places where they wouldn't be expected to be hiding. I recall hearing something a long the lines of "the best place to hide a rock is among other rocks" or something like that. In either case they are very careful to blend into their surroundings and not raise suspicions.

I think it makes perfect sense that they bought that property in S. California where many exmembers live because most people would, like you, be surprised they would be there so not likely to look. I guess they didn't count on Jim. It sure does show their arrogance though, that they would purchase that easily traceable property with questionable funding. They must think they have set things up so that they are impervious to prosecution for wrong doing. I think Jim did the right thing by alerting the IRS to Hack's situation, and by pressuring Hack to respond to community concerns. Perhaps all those exmembers in California can get together and do a Jericho march around that place. ;)

And do I detect the smell of Family members/supporters here again. What's with that lame explanation someone gave that Hack could have gotten the necessary funds from an inheritance? If that's true then why does he get to benefit from that inheritance when throughout TF's immoral history Family leaders have fleeced their flock of any and all inheritances? Oh, I forgot, he is a Family leader. Different rules, standards and quality of life for Family leaders compared to their poor followers, who they exploit through spiritual terrorism.

Is there really any legitimate source of money Hack could have used to buy that place, knowing he has been a top Family leader for about 2 decades?

In a way, it might be good that TF is purchasing property because if a lawsuit ever gets off the ground and succeeds it could be part of a judgment or settlement. Only now, with this exposure, I bet they put it on the market pretty quick.