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Worldwide search for Family mansions

Posted by Sherlock on May 20, 2006 at 15:48:43

Jim LaMattery has made a good discovery & I wonder if this can be repeated? Like posters have said this can't be the only Family mansion Zerby & Kelly have bought through their trusted leaders. This is not a matter of renting a mansion in the name of a local leader or putting an automobile in the name of a fairly trusted local disciple. This is investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in purchasing property & for that Zerby & Kelly will only use trusted leaders who won't run off with the mansion.

My suggestion is to spread out the search using a database of known, longtime Family leaders & current CROs & their legal names, then doing local searches in each country. Key countries to search would probably be Australia, Canada, England, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, etc. I'd also suggest 3rd-world countries like Thailand, the Philippines etc but probably the local police are on the sides of the Family there, so it might be best to stick to western countries where rule of law prevails.

Probably the mansions are located in the same cities where the CRO offices are. Where is the European CRO office, for e.g.? The Australian?