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about the one who left us

Posted by a loved one on May 21, 2006 at 11:08:40

For the moment I will share a minimum of details for those of you who wonder about the one who left us on the 16th.

He overdosed on May 11th, when he was in the ER his heart stopped, 13 minutes passed before CPR resuscitated him. The damage to the brain was too severe, a ventilator kept him breathing enabling his family members and friends to bid him fairwell. The life support was taken away last Tues.

He has been clean and in recovery from drug addiction for a year and a half before he relapsed just after going to Ricky's memorial. He struggled since then to get back to being able to stay clean, it was a roller coaster ride, he even tried going back into a treatment center, which helped temporarily, once he was out he used again. The overdose that killed him was a release from intense pain and suffering.

Ricky's death and hearing news of Nolly's(sp?) overdose when he went to Ricky's Memorial last year effected him greatly, it was soon after this that he relapsed. We can draw many conclusions.