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Re: Some Thanks for Mr. LaMattery

Posted by on May 21, 2006 at 15:58:40

In Reply to: Re: Some Thanks for Mr. LaMattery posted by An SG on May 20, 2006 at 18:21:01:

Dear SG,
I have just gotten back to this post- I was out of town yesterday. I am sorry that whatever I did last year triggered you. I am learning quite a bit about PTSD- since Jan '05- and Dissociative Identity Disorder since the airing of the Dr. Phil Show in Oct. DID is something that the family counselors I went to in 1993 missed when my youngest daughter returned into my life and I sought help with our relationship. Had I known then what I have recently discovered about DID, I doubt that she would have ever appeared on the Dr. Phil Show. I would have in fact refused to participate at all given what I now know about DID. The producer threatened me with not airing the show at all if I had refused to let them do the "Kristi and Jim" segmentin a live taping. Unfortunately, even Dr. Phil and his crew missed the diagnosis of DID back in October of 2005 during the taping of the show. One of the phenomenons of DID is that most sufferers are misdiagnosised and as a consequence are treated inappropriately. For example, the use of psychotropic drugs is highly cautioned against for the DID sufferer.
Since my intensive study into the disorder,I have become more aware of what triggers that many SGAs might suffer-particularily those who suffered serial sexual child abuse. I know that I triggered quite a few SGAs in the early days of Jan '05. It was not my intention.
I have been at direct odds with some in the SGA community over the prosecution of their parents. This is something that I will most likely always be at odds over. But being at odds does not mean that I am unsympathetic to the complexity of such prosectutions upon the victim that would have to testify. I believe that the third generation deserves protection against the abuses suffered by so many in the past. One of the ways to ensure this protection, imo, is to prosecute some of the most egregious abusers today.
I don't know how exactly that I offended you personally because I do not know who you are. You use a pseudonym to post with which I am unfamiliar with. If you would be willing to work together with me toward a resolution of this offense, I would be grateful. You can email me privately if you wish.
The reason that I am encouraging you to work this out with me is that many offenses will come between all of us who have had experience with TFI, mainly because of the seriouness of the abuse inflicted on so many. The offenses between some of us are not necessarily personal greviences as much as they may more readily reflect the pain of our experiences.