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Re: In Memory of [DG]

Posted by one who knows loss on May 21, 2006 at 23:17:39

In Reply to: In Memory of [DG] posted by Jim LaMattery on May 21, 2006 at 21:51:22:

why don't you do us a favor and bite your tongue NOW?
why not let his own father/relatives talk about their loss when they are ready?
your piece of writing is the usual self-aggrandizing, narcissistic, opportunity-seeking stuff-at-the-most-unsuspecting-moments (memorials for dead people, vulnerable widows and bereaved relatives) we have come to expect from you. you cannot feel good or better about yourself unless you put another man or parent down?

do you have any respect at all for anyone or anything, death included? what a rhetorical question on my part!