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To Jim LaMattery

Posted by PISSED OFF on May 22, 2006 at 08:19:24

You are really something. Why do you come to these boards? From what I understand you were banned a few times. When you informed us about the Thomas Hack estate purchase, was it to enlist support and cooperation, or to show off your accomplishments? As I recall, you were putting everybody else down for not doing as much as you, saying they had nothing to say if they weren't as brave getting on national television and all that jazz.

Someone asked a GOOD QUESTION which you won't answer: Why do you choose to inform others only about your own fpac site and not this one or xfamily which compared to yours, is really well set up for investigators and newcomers looking into TF? You did say something about the more voices the better, didn't you? Why won't you, when even this site links to yours on their home page?
The answer is clear to me. You are afraid of people delving into the archives and seeing your disreputable posts, finding out who you really are and how you are regarded amongst ex-members.