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Immediate need

Posted by on May 22, 2006 at 19:36:34

For those who don't agree with me that the most immediate need is talking about the "why" in the suicides that we are experiencing, I suggest you go to this link:
It is an article posted by "Tommy Gunn." Now, it may be a real or unreal cry for help. But what if someone around him were to get a professional to rule out the possibility of Dissociative disorder and make sure this person has stabilized. Then appropriate trauma work could be done, and then maybe the option of suicide for this person would be appropriately replaced with life-saving maintenance of his/her immediate stress. What I'm reading in the literature is that techniques can be learned with which to deal with the triggers of the stress. Persons who get triggered easily either don't have good maintenance techniques, or are not aware that employing them can help deal with the stress. Interestingly enough, the literature also implies that almost any insignificant event can trigger someone suffering from the disorder.