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immediate need my ass

Posted by excog on May 22, 2006 at 23:00:55

Trying to get an apology from JLM is like trying to get a Coke from a machine that only sells root beer.

Look, the guy is sick. I mean only a sick person behaves like that. At least the ones who die, who are in pain, are the ones who FEEL and REALIZE what's fucked up. They are very human in that respect.

JLM exhibits signs of some serious personality disorders, and his dealings with the numerous people he has burned should suggest caution in treating him like a 'normal' person. You can expect 'normal' people to apologize when they insult a family who just lost one of their members. In fact you can expect normal people not to say or do the stuff JLM does when memorials take place.

Do him a favor and let him be. He will never get the psychiatric attention he so badly needs because he thinks he is perfectly fine. Everybody else has a problem, and DID is now lurking everywhere. I am the next poster to be "diagnosed," I suspect.

I will not post again because JLM has a burning, all encompassing, driving need to feel the center of attention. When people die he seems to love taking center stage calling the shots telling everyone what the problem and need du jour is...some sort of glamour leech if I may say, that gets activated when blood spills. (I am sure a wannabe writer like him who plays Dick Tracy at funerals will appreciate the sense of aesthetics of my writing style.)

I really would like for other posters to realize how sick this poor speci-man is when they start requiring from him apologies that he is not even able to comprehend. I would say pity the weak, as only truly strong people can acknowledge their faults or their madness...and pity the devoid of humanness and understanding. It is a spectacle to say the least.

If he goes too far, the coordinators can always click a button as they have had to do in the past.

And may the ones who can't be hurt ANY MORE rest in peace, as this is the "immediate need" right now.