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Re: Hack's and Tim's Start-up funds came from...

Posted by Not True on May 23, 2006 at 12:50:22

In Reply to: Re: Hack's and Tim's Start-up funds came from... posted by Mr. Don on May 21, 2006 at 13:15:12:

Surprised for an American you don't know what a load of crock is! I was refering to the very outdated style of thinking that is quite prevalant in this forum. 87 is like almost 20 years ago. If I remember correctly you have only left the TFI for good only a few years ago. Doesn't sound to me like your being too honest here about the "Flee Funds" being fleeced from the sheep.

Home's now have HER funds (mostly at least $2000US) that can be used for unforseen emergencies that come up. A vote of home members must be taken before the $ can be spent and then the funds would be re-embirsed (sp) by the Family Aid fund. Simple really.

Homes have not been fleeced by shepherds like the old days for a long time now. Now that's not to say other things in the TFI are right.