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Jim LaMattery: It's all about him

Posted by wow on May 24, 2006 at 12:56:14

In Reply to: Jim LaMattery's reinstated ban + summary of recent posts posted by Coordinators on May 24, 2006 at 07:31:28:

Good analysis and good on you for banning him.

After watching Jim's antics on this board and others for a year, it is crystal clear to me that whatever Jim does, it's all about him. He is the centre of his universe: not his daughter, nor Charles Allen, nor all the SGs who suffered in The Family.

He has revictimised hundreds of ex-members, both FG and SG, with his utterly unethical behavior and actions. He even speaks flippantly and casually about his own daughter's medical history -- on a public chat board! And what he has done with the G family is utterly unconscionable. A true scumbag.

It isinteresting that on his own board, he posts no links to other exmember boards. His unethical behavior is so exposed on them that he doesn't want potential partners, such as Interfaith, to find out. In the last year, Jim has established a track record and it's not pretty. Now he has to take steps to cover it up. After all, he can't have his pristine image of a white knight solely concerned with the welfare of others tarnished, can he? Who would really want to work with him, if the truth were known?

So what have we learned about Jim in the past year? He's a predator, preying on and exploiting the weak, including his own daughter. He's a carpetbagger, arriving on the scene as a crusading white knight, claiming to represent the interests of the exploited while really just advancing his own agenda. And he's a blackmailer, threatening and coercing exmembers to do what he tells them or else.

And he is the only exmember that I have heard of that is trying to make money from advocating for The Family. No one else has public pitches for funds on their web sites.

But most of all, we've seen that Jim always acts in his own interests. Not his daughter's interests, nor those of other victims that he claims to represent. It's all about him, what makes him look good, what advances his cause. And God help you if you get in his way.

I hope that the coordinators of this site will permanently ban him. He has his own site and his own blog. Let his admirers and followers gather there and discuss issues. Every time he surfaces here, he harms more people and lots of people have to spend lots of time cleaning up the mess.

But the sad thing is, you can never really clean up the mess that people like Jim create. The harm is done, vulnerable people are hurt, and he offers no apologies to heal the wounds. Those he hurts are merely collateral damage in Jim's crusade for good.

But back to the ban. Maybe we can cite California's "Three strikes and you're out" law. Fitting for Jim, a true manifestation of all that is bad about California. He has offended on this board way more than three times.

Isn't it about time to put him away for good?