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Transparency and Ethics

Posted by moonshiner on May 26, 2006 at 13:56:00

Complete transparency is the only ethical approach to charity work, but transparency and ethics are something TFI members don’t understand.

“For the last four years, Direct Relief, which provides donated medicine and medical supplies to communities around the world, has held a "shareholders' meeting" for contributors to demonstrate its accountability and to burnish its relationship with its donors.”

“H. Art Taylor, president and chief executive of BBB Wise Giving Alliance, a watchdog group, said if more charities adopted this approach, "there would be a lot less questions about what nonprofits are doing with their resources and a lot less skepticism about the sector in general."

“Last year, Direct Relief received $15.7 million in cash, stock and investment income and $121.5 million in donated supplies. "For every $1 we spent," Mr. Tighe said, "$25.50 in aid went out the door."