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I know how things work in TF

Posted by Anonym on May 28, 2006 at 09:46:54

In Reply to: Re: I'm not a ghost! I am hungry! posted by il Padrino on May 28, 2006 at 05:17:18:

I am former bonafide aid worker, married to a genuine NGO worker. We know how collections for a specific cause is supposed to work.
Case in point is the Tsunami.- When money was collected for it, it was not allowed to go anywhere else. All agencies kept their word.
The result is the too much gathered money caused scandals about bad choices and unwise spending. There was pressure that the money must be spent so it was manipulated by receiving agencies. The disaster areas was divided into turfs and it was turf war everywhere and competition between relief agencies trying to be the first to help or the one to do most. Since I was responsible for getting money for the victims so I followed where the spending goes, and in private time organized aid to a village in no-mans land between turfs.
(One very bad thing is how there is more earthquakes in Indonesian and nobody sends so much money because it is not tourist areas destroyed, but excess money remains from Tsunami relief but cannot be diverted there. This is even more scandal!!!)

This scandals proved to me not a bad thing, but proof that agencies keep their word, even to the level of redundant spending and bad spending policy.

A real relief agency not only keep the word about money but cannot have alterior motive for helping, like to influence the election, convert people to another religion. Further they have good long term view and commitment. In our agencies we have a proverb. -give man a fish feed him for one day, teach man to fish and feed him for life, teach man to respect environment and feed his family for generations.
TF cannot invest and commit because that this kind of thinking they do not believe in, no future for everyone because the world will be destoyed soon. They also have more agendas than to feed hungry. Also they do not keep good programs for longdistance adoption compare with other agencies like the redcross, unicef or almost any other genuine agency.

Surely you know this already, but I must speak it out.