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6 sq. miles - we've met for sure

Posted by a friend on May 30, 2006 at 05:56:25

In Reply to: Re: Info needed on Hosea (Jonathan Berg) posted by susie on May 29, 2006 at 20:34:45:

Macau? Most of the population was concentrated in the Peninsula. The 2 islands accesible by causeway -- Taipa and Coloanne (sp?) -- were mostly rural farmland. In that little 6 sq mile place lived almost 1/2 million people, and there was a very high concentration of WS and a few regular homes which supported themselves by sending FFers to HK.

Among others, the Chinese Lit Pic was housed in the peninsula part, shepherded by Danny (US) and Becky (Taiwan).

The Chinese Wonderful Music team was the most colorful and everyone loved when they visited at fellowships. They later gathered together, their living quarters split into 2 big apartments in the same apartment building, around the corner from the radio station they were sending tapes to every Sunday. They were sherperded by the 2 Zacs. "Little" Zac Pendegrass (sp?) and his 2 wives Naomi and Katrina, and their kids (Ling-Ling is one name I remember). (Little Zac was awarded later father of the year and had something to do with the victor camps, was exposed, and had to return his award). There was "Big" bushy bearded Zac with his Chinese wife Hanna. English Andrew and Faithy (HK), Keith and Karen (Singapore?), FFer German Maria, Andrew (HK) and Jewel (Taiwan). There was also another HK-Taiwan couple but I can't remember their names. Also Big Jesse (US) whom I heard made it out last year.

In the selah and super-selah section I remember a lot of faces, but few names. I even have pictures and might be able to remember quite a few legal names under hypnosis. There was a secretive big leader couple of few words: a dirty blonde woman with a curly haired guy from South America. There was the super secret home with the super secret daily routines for even looking in the mailbox, that handled the finances, the tithes. They used to walk left when they meant to walk right, very quickly, and would suddenly turn around and double-back after 100 ft, to be able to see if they were being tailed.

Macau was by invitation only. You had to have some purpose, some skill they wanted. WS was so afraid to saturate that place, and hardly any regular homes were allowed. Those that were, were under strict supervision what activities they could and could not do.

Of the few regular homes allowed in Macau, I remember Joey (Canadian) and Maria (Portugal) with their 3 daughters from hell, who had lived lived in Taiwan before Macau.

Then there was the farm which everyone loved visiting too. Ikea had donated a warehouse full of furniture and parts, and everybody was busy sawing pieces of reconstituted wood boards. Hosea's kids lived in 3-tier bunk beds. Ho was always busy going about, with his cracking voice organizing the plumbing which they had to build from scratch. Esther was wierded out like so many big leaders were. Ruthie's fish (Portuguese?Indan? Ashra or Ashley or Ass----?) was busy telling Ho's boys how to dig a great big hole in the ground which was to become a cess pit. Short American Judy was falling in love with English handyman Michael. Big Jesse and Juniper were out there for a while too. Big Jesse was entertaining all the kids every evening, strumming so hard on his guitar it was a miracle the strings didn't break more often. He was never the same after his wife left with their children, but what had to be done had to be done. He was always kept on a short leash anyway, the poor guy. They were always breaking and remolding him, trying to anyway. To think of all the things he could have done with his energy, all the places he could've gone with his talent. Sad.

Do you know what ever became of some of these other people? I heard Katrina (HK) ended up living in Berg's home and is now in Australia.