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For the public record

Posted by researching on June 01, 2006 at 15:29:09

In Reply to: Re: A map of the compound? posted by Lone Wolf on June 01, 2006 at 14:44:46:

Sorry I didn't explain myself. What you guys have shared so far has been very helpful btw, even tho you weren't there during the later detention center days. What I'd like is to create an article of the infamous Macao detention center for the record for both this site & XFamily.

Check out XFamily. They have info on several different Victor Camps but NOTHING on the very worst one of all -- Macau -- & it was the earliest pilot project. Check out the following link.

Why a map? Because the farm is probably long gone, bulldozed for new land development. It only exists in the memory of those who saw it there, the FGs & the SG victims. Like I said, if someone would draw a map for others who remember to discuss, we can start twigging people's memories & see which houses the teens were later interred in & punished in. That's important.

I've learned something already that cleared up a mystery for me. Apparently Hosea was not that directly involved, but a couple named Michael & Krystal were. I did say from the beginning that I was interested in doing an article on Hosea AND the victor camp of Macau.

You guys are helping preserve history & a lot of people would appreciate your efforts.