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Re: Is this the same Crystal?

Posted by Lone Wolf on June 02, 2006 at 13:39:16

In Reply to: Re: Is this the same Crystal? posted by Thorwald on June 02, 2006 at 12:11:01:

When I first began reading that excerpt from Crystal on MyConclusion I was confused because I seriously thought she was talking about Mene when she says "... abuse is psychologically messing up your kids head, abuse is vulgar profanities being directed at you on a daily basis, abuse is being spit on, abuse is being shaken and slapped half-silly, abuse is multiple rapes, abuse is being continually beaten down and humiliated."

Those are all things that Berg and Zerby did to Mene, and I'm not exaggerating. Look at "The Last State" and you'll see that Berg even spit on Mene. But then I realized she was talking about her own childhood and was denying that any abuse occurred in TF. She admitted only "mistakes were made", that tired old fall-back defense TF loves so much.

That is a piece of disgusting twisting of the truth considering it is coming from someone who herself spiritually and mentally terrorized young people and played a role in physically abusing young people by such things as corporal punishment, forced fasting and solitary confinement.

Btw, Thorwald, I just noticed that although justice Ward does refer to "Crystal" being in charge of the DTs in Macau along with her then husband Michael, Ward also refers to her as KG, which are different initials than the legal name you have for her. Either she legally changed her name or she provided a false name to the court. There is no doubt that Ward is referring to Crystal when he uses KG. Here's the excerpt from the judgment I'm referring to:

"There is an affidavit from KG, who did not attend for cross examination, who takes up the sad story:
"After our daily taking care of the said MB for 3 years, rather than improving and normalising as we had so hoped, regrettably she regressed into a sad state of hysteria, and frenzy, to the point that she had to be daily spoon-fed her meals - only to have her wilfully regurgitate her food after hours of struggling to help her eat. She began to have no control over her bladder and bowel movements and became incontinent. She was pulling her hair out by the handful, laying all over the house, on tables etc. and would frequently disrobe in public. She began running around the house threatening to harm myself or my husband if we failed to control her in any way, throwing articles of clothing out of the window and screaming profanities at the top of her lungs. This extreme display of insanity was causing hours and hours of our time and care to the point that we finally had make a decision to have her committed into the care of the Macau Government Centro Mental Hospital. This was on or about September or October 1990."