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Maybe occasionally I do jump to conclusions too easily?

Posted by a friend on June 03, 2006 at 14:34:29

In Reply to: The monsters of Macau posted by researching on June 02, 2006 at 14:38:57:

At least maybe I did. "Researching" cautioned us about that in a post below. I was so convinced the Judy I knew, who renamed herself Crystal, was the one who ran the victor camps in Macau. Everything matched, because she was with an English Michael, described as tall with a chiseled jaw, which is also how I would describe him. Then when I saw a picture of her just now on xfamily, it really wasn't the same person I knew. This leaves several possibilities: Another Crystal married the same hunky Michael; both the Michael and Crystal I knew are not the same people at all and there was more than one Michael-Crystal couple at Ho's farm; the pictures at xfamily are all wrong.

Given the amount of accurate work exfamily does exposing TF, I have doubts it is the last option.

However, I do question the last photo of Claire Borowik on their site, because it doesn't look like the same person as the other photos, the ones where she appeared on TV, and that last photo doesn't look like the photo I have, which I am quite sure is Claire Borowik. Or maybe I am wrong about just about everything! Well she was Peter Frouman's step mom of sorts, so could he have a look at the photos and verify they are she?