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Re: Page on Jim LaMattery

Posted by orient express on June 04, 2006 at 01:15:24

In Reply to: Re: Page on Jim LaMattery posted by Windy on June 04, 2006 at 00:35:56:

I was just wondering what you thought of your dad's article. I worry about the good he tries to do when I see how he runs over people left and right who don't follow his line of thinking or take action according to his reality.

He could have had a lot of support if he was not so grandiose and did not blow people off that are not on the same page. NO, make that not on the same PLANET.

Many in the ex-member community have been activists in varying ways or in the least pro-active in their own recovery or that of their own family. THE FAMILY took enough from all of us without anyone having to sort of proclaim their agenda as the only true one and all who don't get on board with that are somehow wanting to stop exposure of the Family.

I would have supported your dad if he had not been so recklessly brutal while reframing the past and current events according to only one true way of thinking.. HIS way. At the same time he seems to ignore whatever would threaten his image as savior.

I am worried about what he is doing because I could easily see it backfiring on him if he chomps at the bit and bites his own tongue in public matters. Maybe he needs a PR person to speak for him and clean up after him.

I wish you and your other family members the best which I also wish for other survivors of the Family cult and those still in as well, hoping they get out.