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Re: I've uploaded some more photos

Posted by Talking Heads on June 05, 2006 at 13:30:48

In Reply to: I've uploaded some more photos posted by a friend on June 05, 2006 at 11:17:00:

Archie and Sharon are Tommy and Promise from Taiwan. Richard and Sharon Smith. Ricky Smith is from some podunk Michigan town near East Lansing, Michigan and Sharon was from Detroit. His 2 brothers are long time members of the cult with many children. One is in Brazil and the other was last heard of in Nepal. Rickie joined the cult in 1970 and was at the Ohio and Kentucky Farms. They were bigshot leaders in Europe and Sharon conceived their 3rd child from a Polish alcoholic in the FFing days.
They wound up in Hong Kong in 1982 and were leaders under Keda. They moved to Taiwan in 1985 and were leaders with Shem and Shelah (Pete and Mary). They lived in Tianjin, China for 1 year until the cult got banned from China. They moved back to Taiwan in 1987 and were leaders again with James and Jenny (Belte and someone, Tim Primus). Josiah (Joseph Peloquin) and Marianne brought them to Japan in 1993 to be leaders in Tokyo.
In 1995 their 2nd child, Katya, was one of the many cult SGA to leave the cult in Tokyo. She with the other half dozen cute cult teenagers who got enticed by US Navy seaman from Yokohama to leave the cult got into drugs and prostitution in Tokyo. She was quite attractive and later became a very successful model.
Tommy and Promise moved back to Taiwan in 1995 after Katya left the cult and have lived in complete obscurity since. Their eldest, Erik, got into trouble in 2000 and may still be in jail in Taiwan. Their 4th eldest, Karenia, committed suicide in 2001. Promise died of breast cancer in 2002 because she didn't seek treatment sooner. Word has it that Tommy immediately married one of the few Taiwnese 'converts' that the cult had in Taiwan. (A prostitute). Go CULT, GO! Here we go cult, here we GO! (What's even more interesting is that Tommy and Promise lived with this fellow Tim Peters in Japan and that Peters is the father of one of their children.) Did Peters tell Time magazine about that?