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By its fruit we know TF is a corrupt tree

Posted by Lone Wolf on June 05, 2006 at 14:52:25

Reading Talking Heads' post below detailing yet more mayhem and death related to TF reminded me of just how ironic it is that in TF you learn to discern whether something is "of God" or not by considering the "fruit". I wonder if they can still do that with a straight face, knowing how much bad fruit has resulted from TF's doctrines and way of life. Of course, they are in denial and so they always shift the blame on to their victims. That way they can disingenuously claim that when bad things happen to members or former members it is because that person is out of God's will, that it is that individual's bad fruit not TF's.

We now know different. Throughout it's almost 40 year history TF has left behind it a wide swath of death and harm, a proliferation of broken lives and families. Certainly, by its damaged fruit we see that TF is a corrupt tree.