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Re: Link to Sam's book

Posted by CB on June 05, 2006 at 20:02:47

In Reply to: Re: Link to Sam's book posted by Question on June 05, 2006 at 17:52:44:

Sam's book leaves no doubt that TF is a sex cult. It also leaves no doubt that significant numbers of children and adolescents were sexually and physically abused.

The book is comprehensive inasmuch as it covers just about every major topic, but still provides heavy doses of the prurient reading. If I recall correctly, about one-third to half of the book's chapters deal with Family sex doctrines & practices in some form or another. But there are other topics, like TFI's failure to properly educate its children, Rick's murder-suicide, spirit helpers, financial fronts, "Deceivers yet True," speculation about Family stats (is the membership population in a fatal decline?), etc.

The value of having all the website material in one place is to educate someone who knows nothing about TFI. Pastors and mainstream Christians are among Sam's intended audience, because many of these people know nothing about TFI--most haven't even heard of it! So much for the impact of some of the most effective Christians on the planet (according to King Pooper).

I read through it fairly quickly--I was mainly looking for new information. There is a lot of repetition, but the sheer weight of the decadence Sam exposes does get heavy. The published material about Mene always makes me want to throw up.