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Re: Can you refute or confirm all these facts?

Posted by your talking through your a** on June 06, 2006 at 11:17:01

In Reply to: Can you refute or confirm all these facts? posted by Walking Wounded on June 06, 2006 at 09:34:00:

Since you are someone in the know, may I request you refute or confirm these facts?

Archipus and Sharon are known nowadays as Tommy and Promise from Taiwan, legal names Richard and Sharon Smith. (Legal name Richard Smith, true. Promise now deceased.)

Richard Smith is from a Michigan town near East Lansing. (true, but so what?)

Sharon/Promise was from Detroit. (true, but so what?)

Sharon/Promise died of breast cancer in 2002. (You added some very untrue comments about this in your first post. Noticed they are not added now. Care to say why? True she passed away, but long before 2002. I suggest you leave this at that, as it is very obvious you have no idea what really happened. Very obvious you are blinded by your own personal vendetta that is causing you to expound on things you have no idea about to enhance your own agenda. Sorry, but I have to say the truth as it really seems to me.)

TommyArchipus/Richard Smith has 2 brothers still in TF, one in Brazil and the other in Nepal. (unknown. what has that got to do with anything anyways?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith joined the cult in 1970 and was at the Ohio and Kentucky Farms. (unknown)

Sharon/Promise conceived a 3rd child from a Polish alcoholic in the FFing days. (maybe, but again,,so?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise lived in Hong Kong from 1982 - 1985 (yes, but so what?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise moved to Taiwan in 1985 and were leaders with Shem and Shelah (Pete and Mary).(yes, but so what?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise lived in Tianjin, China for 1 year, about 1986. (yes, but so what?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise moved back to Taiwan in 1987 and were leaders again with James and Jenny (Belte and someone, Tim Primus). (yes, but again, so what?)

Josiah (Joseph Peloquin) and Marianne brought them to Japan in 1993 to be leaders in Tokyo. (yes, but not really)

In 1995 their 2nd child, Katya left TF. She was quite attractive and later became a very successful model. (again, you failed to add you first errenous comments. Why? You explain. Your first comments again look like your adding fluff to your personal vendetta)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise moved back to Taiwan in 1995 after Katya left the cult. (yes, but so what?)

Their eldest son Erik may still be in jail in Taiwan. (your living under a mushroom. No he is not in jail. I know I've seen him many many times even recently in the past year)

Their 4th eldest Karenia, committed suicide in 2001. (yes, but so what?)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith is now married to a Taiwnese convert that is a former prostitute. (again, you must be living under a rock, and again you failed to add your first comments. Why not now? You explain. That is a total and utter lie that she is a former prostitute.)

Tommy/Archipus/Richard Smith and Promise have a child fathered by Tim Peters in Japan. (This I don't know for a fact, but again there is no connection here. They've been in Taiwan for ever, and Tim Peters has been in Korea for ever, what's the point here?)

Again, I got to say my friend, you need to seperate your own personal vendetta from the fluff, innunendo, and false assumptions your putting out. I cannot just let you ramble on without calling on the stuff that is obviously not true and innuendo that is unnecessary.

At the same time if you've been hurt, you better get to the police or get some help for yourself. Just spouting out untruths to embellish your own personal anger isn't going to bring justice forth.