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Upload Directory

Posted by Thorwald on June 06, 2006 at 16:03:33

I understand that this forum/board is more for exFGAs and, as an exSGA, I try to remember that I am only a guest here.

However, I would like to voice my concern, if you will allow me, about the pictures of children being uploaded to the "Upload Directory". These children had no say in their involvement with this group and many of them in these pictures may have since left the group. They might not like the idea of having pictures of themselves as children posted on a forum about TFI. It is my humble opinion that the innocence of their youth gives them the right to not have their pictures on this forum.

We, at, have been very careful about which pictures we include on our site.

Please note that this is simply my humble opinion and you are, of course, free to do whatever with your website. I apologise if I am out-of-line with this post.