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Tribes and tribe names

Posted by Oldtimer on June 08, 2006 at 01:27:27

Anyone here go back far enough to remember the tribe system and tribe names? Levi was the leadership tribe, Simeon was cooks, Gad the printers, Benjamin the childcare, Issachar the mechanics of course. Anyone remember what the other tribes were? Was Reuben provisioning? What was music? And were handymen the tribe of Dan?

And then you took your tribe as your last name, so if your name was Eli and you were a leader you were Eli Levi, if you were Simeon and were a cook you were Simeon Simeon, etc. I recall that all that tribal last name stuff started phasing out in about 1972 so then everyone had to choose a last name that described them, so there was Jacob Cartoon, so-and-so Firstfruits and a lot of other unusual stuff.