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Activated Ministries continues to insist it is not TFI. We know better

Posted by moonshiner on June 08, 2006 at 17:44:16

Check out this letter from the executive director of Activated Ministries. It further demonstrates how TFI continues to mislead and deceive the public. Their continued insistance that AM is independent of TFI is a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the truth. For example, the letter states more than once that the two organizations are independant, yet also more than once the letter states that most of the staff of AM are also current members of TFI fellowship. But it then goes on to say that although most are members of TFI they are not official spokespersons so AM members cannot represent TFI in any matter. How convenient.

The deceit and disingenuousness in that letter is impossible for any former member to miss. It's simply disgusting that they are getting away with such fraud and deceit. If only there were someone else in the area who could expose these things without giving TFI more "ammunition" for their arguments, as Jim has done.