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The family

Posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 08:45:00

Reading the few posts about neutrality of reporting and in particular Oldtimer's post makes me think that maybe there is not really much wrong in TFI.

There is a ring of truth when they say that some mistakes were made and that they have been corrected. Once having gone through the trouble of writing their Charter and changing some rules here and there (even if a few bad apples break them once in a while), so what?

I live in a pervasive society where worse things than that happen and have happened. TFI is not much different. Sure there are weird teachings but so what? By what we read, not everybody is required to follow those teachings. Besides, what business do we have to tell other how to live their lives?

Maybe TFI is right and we exers are just a bunch of cry babies living in the past?

Why are we so intent in showing TFI in a bad light?