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Re: Nothing new

Posted by Mr. Don on June 11, 2006 at 15:32:56

In Reply to: Re: Nothing new posted by Passing By on June 11, 2006 at 15:11:09:

If one is to look at TF from the Judeo-Christian ethic point of view, which is the view of the main stream of society TF is anything but white as snow. Their doctrines are not in line with Christianity, even if they call themselves Christian. They are one of two things or both liars or completely deceived. One might throw in extremely ignorant. In my course of study I daily see how little I knew and learned from my days in TF. We still have some contact with a couple of members, and so many times they tell us how much we know about the Word, it is humorous to us as I have learned more in my 2 years in Bible college than I learned in close to 30 years from TF. To tell this to a family member they have no concept of it. I'm doing my best not to get religous here on GenX because there is plenty religous I could say about the subject. My present class puts much of this in perspective as I am taking Minsterial Ethics. I am in the process od preparing a presentation on an ethical issue in the church. I asked the professor if could could do my presetation on an ethical issue I was involved in while I was in the cult. He told me that would be a great idea. As TF is and was so unethical it is going to make for an interesting, challenging, and reflective 10 to 15 minute presentation excluding Q&A from the rest of the class.My subject will probably be fedelity and infedelity.