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Re: The family

Posted by Passing By on June 13, 2006 at 09:59:31

In Reply to: Re: The family posted by CB on June 13, 2006 at 08:56:47:

Like minded people then, huh? Well, thinking deep is sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse. I think I might have offended a few people with my sociopath comment but then for some of the people I have worked with in TF, who are not top leaders anymore even if they were mid- or high- management types at some time or another, I cannot say the same as you. In retrospect, I see how there were many people who enjoyed exercising control over others for the sake of controlling. There were others (the most clear indication of a bad upstaris) who were inmune to the hardships of people right under their noses. Stories like these abound, particularly as accounted by the poorr children under their care. There is no excuse for any of that.

There is a poster who appears on and off (on when he wants to show of and off when he is banned) who appeared perfectly okay and fairly successful. Then another poster revealed her experience with he and his wife. What does the guy do? He blames the wife!!!

If we were going to do the bean-counting, we would see that althought there were and are just a handful of top-top leaders who are free to move around as they please, there is a large number of leaders in the layers set by the top-turds that separates them from the foot-soldiers. Anybody from a higher layer is de-facto a leader on and treated as a leader by the layer below.

Anyway, reflexion is a tricky thing and trickier and more difficult when we try self-reflexion. There is another poster who has been away from quite some time from the East coast. He was a big time name for many of the early days. He was not afraid of engage people and was clearly apologetic in what seem to me a sincere way. What a difference in attitude and, I imagine, a source of healing for the many people affected by his decisions.

I agree that in the end it is the individual reading and receiving the information who comes to their own understanding. I don't think TF will ever disappear or even that change much from Berg's directives. He opened Pandora's box and, willingly or unwillingly, we were a part of that. He used us and some of his followers have found in his teachings a formula to get their own satisfaction. They even sacrifice their own children for that satisfaction. How much more selfish than that can one get? I hope that at least that point is obvious in the sites that offer information about TFI.