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Re: Upgraded 'COG pubs' section

Posted by moonshiner on June 16, 2006 at 13:27:02

In Reply to: Upgraded 'COG pubs' section posted by Coordinator on June 15, 2006 at 20:42:38:

One concern I have about this new format is that there is no longer anyway to load the entire list on one page as before, unless I'm missing it. While it may be faster to download each section, it will now take me longer to search for an individual letter. Here's why.

I have found many letters whose number or exact title I didn't know by doing a "find on this page" word search. When the pubs list was all on one page I simply continually pressed "next word" until I found the title I was looking for. Now, to search the entire list I will have to open separately each of the sections you've divided the list into, making it a more tedious and slower process.

I'm not a techie so perhaps there are reasons why the list needed to be divided, and maybe its not feasible to also make the list available as one page. I don't mean to criticise as it's a good resource. I just thought I'd mention my observation that while the change does make access to each section quicker, it actually slows down a search, at least the method I've been using.