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Re: The Family's Culture of Death

Posted by Rocky Bobola on June 23, 2006 at 07:26:05

In Reply to: The Family's Culture of Death posted by CB on June 21, 2006 at 12:49:29:

Hey CB:

Very touched by your comments. Thanks!
I don't know why any of us look towards any kind of realization of the horror of Berg et al from family leaders, movers or shakers.

I include myself from time to time in this hopeful group. We ought to know better. It is like expecting lions to stop eating various animals. Male lions will frequently kill their own young if given the chance. The family are predators and manipulative to the core. I think that the hardcore are going to lie to themselves and others whenever it is required. When I finally realized that Berg and his doctrines were a destructive lie I had to leave and change.

A few years ago a couple of us exers met with Aldo, Arthur and I think Joy or Claire. There were certain facts we knew regarding abuse, ff'ing etc. When we asked about these issues all three individuals lied through their teeth without batting and eye or showing any hesitancy at all. Aldo was particularly smooth and practiced. He struck a "nice" balance between truth, lie, personal conviction and "sincerity". It was really incredible to hear what they had to say in answer to the issues we raised.

I too have thought about ending my life from time to time because of the pain my time in the family caused others and myself. I really bought the whole package until 83 when I saw the davidito series and realized that Berg was a criminal child molester. Looking back it seems unreal to me now how much I believed in the family at one time.

Hearing about SG suicides really tears me up as some are driven to taking their own lives by the sheer weight of memory, current family behaviour and the nightmare of exploitation and abuse they suffered during childhood and beyond. Berg constantly strove to imprint others with the spectre of death for disobeying meted out by God or ending up on His scrap heap of "if I only had".

I really agree with your observations and comments. I could go on about this as it just burns to think of the crap he passed off for truth and the cost these lies extracted from others.

It also turns out that berg lived about ten miles or less from us in the early nineties which is just so frigging ironic. We never knew until they fled and the police were looking to bust them for fraud and other related issues. I would have liked to have payed a visit to the "compound" to express my extreme disatisfaction with his leadership, methods and behavior.