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Re: The Family's Culture of Death

Posted by Rocky Bobola on June 23, 2006 at 21:16:14

In Reply to: Re: The Family's Culture of Death posted by Lone Wolf on June 23, 2006 at 13:50:58:

Hey Lupis Solus thanks for the reply.

That is the Aldo I am speaking about.

The second question is very hard. In all honesty I may have confronted them with violent intent as there were times when I could hardly contain my rage at falling victim to them. The fact that I was a victim of physical and sexual abuse by catholic clergy as a child made knowing Berg was a pedophile that much harder to take. On the other hand I worked in the Child protection field and I may just as well have reported them to a number of authority departments.

Like the evil slime they are the "folks" were able to slither away just in time. The heat just missed getting them I heard after the fact. I have been by the place a few times and the irony of the location in relation to where I live is like a dagger in my heart. No amount of justice or satisfaction will ever be enough as the family happened and the past cannot be changed.

I sure remember how angry I felt when Aldo and his crew were looking me right in the eye and lying like fools. As they said in ancient Rome " Meus lamina illorim sanquis "( My blade their blood )

Happy trails