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Re: finding P&M

Posted by Rocky Bobola on June 24, 2006 at 02:49:52

In Reply to: finding P&M posted by searcher on June 23, 2006 at 21:25:47:

It can be done. Anyone can be found if the funds to pay the right investigators are available. In today's world if you spend money, live in a place that has basic communications and participate in communicating with others you can be found. Offering a sufficient reward would also be effective. These two mutts have offended, used and abused so many for so long they have a legion of enemies. I also have little doubt that certain government agencies probably know where they are or could easily find them.

Anything is possible over locating them. I just hope they are so far into hiding that they live in a shithole and eat Milo three times per day. I hope they only get two pieces of TP for doing daily hygiene and that the only sugar available is white. I hope they have to drink tree-bark coffee and careb hot choclate. I hope they are in a country that does not care about them and would deport them in a heartbeat. I hope the only food they get are starches like white bread, puffed wheat and stale twinkies or two day old baloney sandwiches. I hope they get caught crossing into Israel with a box of the money explodes letter. They have no idea how many brethern got worked over because of being forced to distribute Berg's garbage letters. To sum it up I hope they get caught and deported to the USA FOB New York and await trial for their crimes in the Riker's island pre-trial centre. I hope when they die they end up in two boxes in pauper's graves in a nameless place in the American prison system down in the deep south.

Just a little daydreaming here no threat intended.