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Poll -- who bears responsiblity?

Posted by breaking it down on June 25, 2006 at 20:45:52

In Reply to: Re: Excellent Analogy: Except Berg Didn't Create What Is Within... posted by occasional poster on June 25, 2006 at 09:57:26:

The posters on MovingOn put numbers to this very question. 262 people voted in a January 23, 2005 poll, ‘Who is most responsible for the rampant abuse in the family?’ Here is how the victims assigned responsibility---

6.11% voted ‘What abuse? There was none.....’ 9.54% voted ‘Only the member directly involved.’ 20.61% voted for ‘All the rest too, but mostly parents who turned the blind eye.’ 8.40% voted ‘All the rest too, but mostly middle class management, such as CROs’. 34.73% voted ‘All the rest too, but mostly David Berg.’ 12.21% voted ‘All the rest too, but mostly Karen Zerby.’ 8.40% voted ‘I can't say....’

To recap, only one in ten (9.54%) said ‘only the member directly involved bore the main responsibility.’ Double that amount (20.61%) said it was mainly their parents who failed to protect them. 8.40% said ‘middle class management, such as CROs’ (who enforced the Family’s abusive policies, & who then failed to discipline or pass on reports of those who abused children &/or violated basic human rights) ultimately bore the most responsibility.

46.94%, almost half those who took the poll, said that although the member directly involved & the parents who turned the blind eye & middle management all bore their share of responsibility, those who bore the MOST responsibility were David Berg or Karen Zerby.