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Posted by Padre on June 26, 2006 at 03:49:08

Just yesterday I learn about this sister a single mom with a helper.. who came a year and half ago to live here in Germany close to our city.
She was broke with kids and no money, no car, kids with out any scholastic record etc.
You know what she did ..?
she got some money from "German social system" she got a car the kids did get finally some school...finally she got a driving license... next month she is leaving for Turkey...?
To a home there who need the personal to make "the number" needed to become FD..???
What a waste...!
They think who care...I need to be a missionary my kids better follow me in this "Madness" or else..
When my money are finish, my car also, my kids are a little bigger..
I go back to evil Germany..."the Lord will provide"?
How can you stay calm...the Lord is not providing for her to dump it all away..and if you mention it to them (mainly for the sake of their kids)they get aggressive and mad at you you dare? and silently erase you from their book...
people like this..who still follow the TF to day after all what happen..IMO are really sick!