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Re: Phoenix fights to ban chaining dogs

Posted by Zither on June 29, 2006 at 12:16:25

In Reply to: Re: Phoenix fights to ban chaining dogs posted by CB on June 29, 2006 at 08:45:46:

I remember his family though I was never in the same physical space with them. Because they were charismatic people and in the "pioneer" category they were more on their own though it is clear that the Family did not help when they were wanting to leave but thankfully a church helped them via a priest or something.

When I watched "The Mosquito Coast" with River Phoenix and Harrison Ford I was struck by how like the Family experience it was. That had to rival what those early years in the Family in South America and living "by faith" were like for his brother at least.

Joaquin was younger and I can understand why people who are no longer in the Family do not want to be associated to it in any way shape or form. It would be nice if a top celebrity that was once in would speak out about it but I can't say I would be different than him. I would most likely want to be completely disassociated with that distant past.

It seems accurate to say that the camps were something he never experienced. Poverty and lack of support were probably the common bad experiential denominator. Even then, a very young kid may not notice it as much.

I am glad for his success and his advocacy of animal rights. I am all for people who have moved on to live life to their fullest. Had he experienced the camps and the rampant sexual abuse he may feel different or he may choose to leave it behind. When I look at Jews that survived the Holocaust, many of them were never spokespersons for the past but some were drawn to that position. I think the key to being free from the past is the ability to choose without pressure to pursue whatever interests a person has.
Especially since revisiting that past can re-traumatize people.
I am always glad to see success in life post cult.
I also think the people who are choosing to speak up about that past, especially those who experienced so much more of it, are incredibly brave and I admire them.
What could be better revenge on cult life than success after leaving?