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Re: "being obnoxious"

Posted by Fellow Jerk on the Journey on July 20, 2006 at 10:35:30

In Reply to: "being obnoxious" posted by Visitor on July 19, 2006 at 22:05:52:

I an remember a jerk or two in TF who made my life miserable just because they could. As a matter of fact, I married one, although he wasn't 100% jerk all the time, and he was surely a jerk before he joined TF.

To me, a jerk is an insensitive clod. Yup, I can be insensitive and get stuck in the treads of your Nike's like a noxious lump of excrement & clay.

In my life as a Systemite, I'm fortunate to work with nice people who do not act like jerks (most of the time). I think it's easier to act like a jerk in a virtual community because you don't have to depend on anyone in this forum to get your work done and put food on the table.

I'm always thankful for the coordinators & moderators, even when they verge on jerkiness. They still do a really good job of setting the standards for polite discourse, imo.