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Re: "being obnoxious"

Posted by moonshiner on July 20, 2006 at 18:23:16

In Reply to: "being obnoxious" posted by Visitor on July 19, 2006 at 22:05:52:

Being in TF as long as I was really fucked my head up. Self was nearly destroyed for the sake of the group, and my true voice was effectively squelched. When I finally escaped and over time regained my sense of self and learned for the first time that I had a voice, and a powerful one at that (in the sense of speaking truth to Power), I became ever more assertive.

Some may judge my assertiveness as obnoxiousness. For example, I never give respect to those who are disrespectful. I despise racists and religious bigots, to name a few, and will almost always challenge them when they cross my path. In those instances, it may appear to an uninformed observer that I'm the jerk, whereas from my perspective the racist or bigot is.

I'm fine with people thinking I'm a jerk because being a jerk is a clear sign that I've left TF's dystopia, cleansed myself of Berg's shit and re-entered the real world.

Do you really think jerks and jerkettes deserve a spanking? I'd of thought you'd be over the desire to mete out punishment by now, having experienced enough of that patronizing attitude in TF. Or maybe you were one of the lucky ones not to have been around some of the worst tyrants who relished keeping jerks like me under their foot.