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Here're my question marks

Posted by Observer on August 05, 2006 at 14:04:34

In Reply to: Prophecy posted by Student Prophet on August 05, 2006 at 06:14:51:

Question 1: We don't have a copy of the Family's pub to even judge it by so how can you imagine it 'true'? My guess is that even if we did have a copy it would vague as hell.

Question 2: If it was a war the Family's jesus was warning them about why wouldn't he say WAR? Why would he say 'event'? Event can be interpreted as a shopping event, a bake sale, a war, etc.

Question 3: We followed the madman Berg for years & know that he has a pathetic -- beyond pathetic -- track record for fulfilled prophecies. Berg literally could've gotten a higher score if he'd simply flipped coins. So why would we believe him, Grandpa's Ghost or any other Family 'prophet' walking in Berg's shoes?

Pure coincidence. As Berg himself said, even a clock that's stopped is right two times a day.

Besides, the devil's in the details. Again, what did the prophecy actually SAY? According to what I read on MovingOn, FMs are told to stockpile food. That means they're expecting food shortages around the world.

What if this Mideast war fizzles out in a few days? Then why the stockpiled food? Would that be counted as a half-true, half-false prophecy? Sort of like the 'Death to the Cities' being quoted when people left N. Orleans during Katrina?

Only in 'Death to the Cities' it was the Blacks streaming out to get food. In reality,the poor Blacks were left IN N.Orleans for the most part, & those who did leave left to find shelter from a storm & its aftermath.