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You're forgetting all the fulfilled prophecies

Posted by Faithful One on August 05, 2006 at 19:09:07

In Reply to: Re: Only they didn't 'get one right' posted by ask Nina on August 05, 2006 at 18:26:13:

Berg said that Jesus would return in 1993 & sure enough He did. How are you enjoying the Millennium after 13 years? Seems like only yesterday when oxen started pulling hay wagons again. I visited New York in my super-body the other day & saw the remains of rusting cars. Brought back old memories...

And Kohoutek would hit California in 1974? Remember Berg talking about that? C'mon! Don't tell me you forgot THAT one! That was huge news! It altered the west coast forever. Thirty million people died.

What about Maria and Davidito being the Endtime Witnesses? Don't you remember THAT? I remember seeing Maria on TV like a human flame-thrower burning over twenty AC soldiers to a crisp with one breath. Do you have Alzheimers or what?

And what about the prophecies about the Family becoming a superpower financially? Don't you remember in 1998 when they took over the Chase Manhattan bank, bought all the diamonds in South Africa & controlled the Tokyo stock exhange? That's why the AC had to persecute the Family! They were becoming too powerful.

I think some of you doubters deliberately try to pick fault with teensy, eensy details of Dad's prophecies or some confusing details and forget the big picture, that Dad is a TRUE prophet and that ALL his prophecies were all fulfilled!