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Maria breaking up marriages

Posted by Oldtimer on August 17, 2006 at 17:01:03

I was just thinking today how much blood Maria has on her hands for breaking up so many marriages and creating single-mom situations and robbing kids of their parents. Way back in "One Wife" Berg had said that God was the greatest destroyer of home and family that existed and said that if they broke up every "selfish marriage" in the Family for God's glory, it'd be worth it. But he never really put it into practice on a wide scale, a bit here and there.

But in the late 80's, Maria (and maybe Berg a bit too, but mostly meddling Maria I'm sure) began breaking up dozens and dozens of marriages all for no purpose. Does she ever regret causing all that grief and heartbreak and parentless families for the kids? I doubt it. Far as she's concerned it was all for the glory of God, forsaking all.