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Could I believe?

Posted by Passing By on August 28, 2006 at 20:57:16

In Reply to: Reposted from Moving On posted by susie on August 28, 2006 at 00:05:07:

The cycle of abuse is broken...

I hope and wish for those who are still being born into TF, that this is true. Maybe later in years to come TF will become a recognized church. Maybe the children are safe from abuse now, I would not be that sure. Even the writer admits the limitations of their upbringing and, I agree tha this is another issue altogether but is still related to abuse.

Abuse is not only causing pain and bad things to happen but also in preventing good things from taking place. Maybe child sexual abuse is not rampant in TF anymore (I doubt it) but that doesn't mean that children are not abused. They are already being abused by the fact of having to grow up so quickly just for the sake of expansion and Family survival.

In spite of that, I wish that TF one day will see the LIGHT and renounce the evil doctrines taught by Berg and still play a strong role in their life, and return to the simplicity of the Gospel, the real Gospel of Jesus.

Meanwhile I cannot believe that children are SAFE in TF, a group run by criminals as the author of the previous post readily admits.