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Re: the posts I deleted below

Posted by Farmer on August 30, 2006 at 00:51:30

In Reply to: Re: the posts I deleted below posted by Coordinator on August 29, 2006 at 16:17:28:

Fair enough...something we actually already know...however would you please also bear in mind, that posters claiming to be free of any faith in God have tended to be pretty rude on journeys as's required of Christians to be pretty patient...however should the coordinators continue the "mild" tendency of being fairly lenient to the atheists, then I think my times is too valuable to get exposed to the bickering of those who actually claim to have no spirituality left...please don't mind the question: but what do the seek on the jouneys board? my eyes only confrontation....which at times can be as clarifying as a heavy rain purifying the air...but
at times it's just annoying, especially if some posters have really not much to say...would be nice if they could also toe some mark isn't it???