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Re: The girl & the beast

Posted by Farmer on August 30, 2006 at 01:38:33

In Reply to: Re: The girl & the beast posted by CB on August 29, 2006 at 15:30:46:

There might be some things I like to learn from the side better...but here & there I stumble yet...e.g. it seems the author suggests, that Hitler was abused in his childhood, which is not really so known to me...I know a fair amount of his biography, but that point was never really stressed too much...but even if he was...taken the monster he was & the theory of abuse as a bad source, well then it seemed logic to me, his abuse should be somewhat proportional to his later monstrosity...I doubt that....or likewise, people who were heavily abused should then be in danger to become monsters themselves...possible but not necessarily unconditionally so.

The point of corporal punishment was times back discussed on movingon...I treasured the diversity of opinions of children who went through some
"heavy"/sad/bad experiences in those tender years.

TG my kids responded good to reasoning so I didn't get into the problem of whether or not to apply the TF & Bible approved rod...this is not something I studied up too much, but I have reservations towards lots of psychologists, who
see everything very symbolic allegorical...the wolf representing the father, incestuous as such...God symbolic of the parents?? that's the way I understood it...speedreading...

That could be a sign of Freudian hangups/ teachings, she's fond of...I don't know...I am afraid she could see - as many do - God as a mere
projection and that is certainly not my opinion...

There is the saying /opinion, that many psychologists study psychology (something similar could be said about the theologian), cause they have some irritating problem, they like to be rid off, so they take up the studies to benefit from it first, if possible...she mentioned, facing greater problems in childhood

However my theory was/is a bit more like the saying we have: shared sorrow is only half the rid yourself of burdens/sorrows
possibly by finding a real understanding soul(mate)...someone who can listen, because, he /she went through something similar...only then - I think- we feel like sharing our innermost trials & problems...gaining confidence of someone is a great gift/art...may be it's not a required prerequisite, that someone has undergone similar abuse to be very understanding, but I figure it helps like the brave woman in the post/link reader offered...she later helped counselling people at the phone...

Anyway just a thought, cause I know I murmur less about my "fate"/situation, when I realise what others been kind of shakes me up & gives challenging kind of "comfort".