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Re: Creating our own space

Posted by Farmer on August 30, 2006 at 12:54:43

In Reply to: Creating our own space posted by WC on August 30, 2006 at 07:35:46:


This board offers a safe, non-threatening environment for ex-members who still have faith—or are on a spiritual journey, unsure of what they believe. It was created for those who, while de-toxing from the spiritual atmosphere of The Family, wish to discuss spiritual and Biblical issues, including comparing genuine Christianity to heresies and spiritual abuse.

My co.mment: Well, that's what I always thought of the journeys board(Tx. for it!!)... Some posters seem so adament about their unbelief, that the def. "unsure of what they belief" (sure of what they don't believe) is hardly valid anmore, so in coming to journeys, they hardly seem to wish any real dialogue.As smart, clever, intelligent Perry is/was, I always thought, his mind was pretty much made up, at least I was convinced he wanted us to think that or thought that most likely of himself.Moonshiner was so similar in the approach - posting lots of links and URLs, hardly talking about the past (much much less than Perry) - that I sometimes thought, they were one & the same.

I don't mind reading at times more info - I have already more than I could handle - especially to get to know better the other side, but some seem to think, if they'd only offer us this fantastic new link, we'd all "pee in our pants of faith" for reading such stunning revelations of the world and walks of unbelief.The fact is, that I've been on quite a few atheistic websites & their so called hard arguments & facts against the credibility of the Bible haven't altered my convictions & I don't really expect that to happen in the future; a good betrothal/marriage you don't give up just because of some bad rumours, without too much evidence.

So the above paragraph is hardly fulfilled by some posters on journeys, so that they should be more mindful of it or getting reminded of it.That was in essence my point....otherwise it'd be really unfair, to have some guidelines, but not seeking
to get people's attention to it.The point of not making ad hom. remarks you covered in a seperate
paragraph, which is basically a "subpoint" of the most important one, I am commenting if someone is not fulfilling the first paragraph plus uses ad hom. attacks, neither shares his heart (only posts links etc.), well that is really hard to bear with time going on...on the other hand, I want them also to vent/address their anger, doubts,opinions, but that I should per se ackowledge, that I am on the wrong track is a bit

While we encourage active dialogue, we must caution you that respect for those of different beliefs is imperative. The purpose of this board is not to preach at or instruct others, but to share our hearts regarding our personal journey out of the Family experience. Like war vets, we have all been through a great deal together and although some people have emerged from Berg’s injurious teachings with faith in God intact, for others this is an ongoing process; some have had their faith nearly destroyed by the group and have put spiritual matters on ice. This board is a space for dialogue between those who are of different spiritual persuasions.

My co. again & again the wording/pharase/stem/root
"spirit" stands out...however, there are plenty, who don't believe in anything "spiritual" ( Laplace's demon as the alternative??) and then what?My take is, they could stay nevertheless on journeys, even if that is a bit contradictory to the journey rules - or otherwise how would you wanted them to be interpreted ?? - provided they don't offend any of the other rules...again, what is really bothersome, if someone asks these posters a question, knowing what their stance is & not getting any answer, not one polite denial...nothing...I call that extremely rude &
am happier without such, who often leave on their own initiative.

While we certainly encourage you to discuss Family doctrine, we ask you to please not repeatedly argue the same points, quoting verse after verse to prove your arguments. If you wish to engage in prolonged discussions about doctrines that are not crucial to understanding our cultic experience and recovery from it, we ask you to continue such discussions privately in emails.

We wish “Journeys” to be a place where ex-members can feel comfortable discussing their faith or their personal spiritual journey, seek advice, receive affirmation and find healing from spiritual abuse. It is a place where questions can be asked and mental chains can be unlocked.

My co. that's exactly a "missing link"/point...if people come to a board, where the "spirit"/content
of the first par. should be upheld & their mind is already made up (?!), then it's extremely bothersome, if such perons don't even have the slightest humility by at least saying: I feel like this about that, My conviction at the moment is this, I take it to mean...not even asking any questions, much less advice...

All opinions are welcome. However, phrasing and tone are important. Insensitivity will not be tolerated. Harassing behavior will result in being banned from the forums.

My co. : Again I understand this as a subpoint of the first paragraph & should not be isolated, standing for itself, meaning, you just preach on & on how faith is useless, as it is for sure an opinion, but hardly in line with the very first point/par. above.

Courtesy and respect first and foremost. It is imperative that anyone using this board shows courtesy and respect to fellow posters, and their faith and beliefs. We will make provision for inevitable unintentional misunderstandings and marked differences of opinion that can arise from interaction between posters, but deliberate and repeated hurtful or abrasive behavior will result in being banned.

My co. as on exers board there is at times no courtesy at all for a comment in belief, I wonder, why there should be much courtesy and tolerance for demonstratively "heavy" comments/posts of sheer unbelief?I am much for fairness & have a real issue here & fairness/righteosness is anyway a big theme in my life...but sorry, I see there an imbalance between the two boards.

I think some of the misunderstandings or quarrels
stem from not reading the guidelines enough...(my quotes are excerpts, I felt being very important.)

I mean, one poster on journeys had the nerve to complain, that nobody helped him/her there, to assist him/her, being an unbeliever, who probably had difficulty to find time to read the rules or had no liking for them!?

Not a pulpit. Repeated unsolicited advice and instruction will not be considered dialogue nor discussion, but rather preaching - this is not a platform for preachers with a "mission" to instruct - it is a place to share your experience as fellow journeymen.

My co. Sure, I have been guilty of that - I am sorry for that - & which I try to avoid since some time, as I realise, that parts of
the walk of faith are something very personal & you can't flip a switch, so that everybody believes "in phase"...

Dialogue, not monologue. Speak with each other and not at each other. Address the issues discussed, bring up more issues for discussion; but lengthy or repeated one-way communications or exhortations will be considered monologue/preaching.

My co. Again, if someone doesn't even answer any of the questions, of interest to the "faithful"
; ) journeys-members, well, thanks, that is not much of getting to know each other...I guess some people still like to hide behind the front of many URLs

No arrogant speech or over-assertive dogma. It is acceptable to share what your beliefs are and speak for yourself. However, opinions which invalidate another's beliefs or views as lies, and remarks which cast a fellow poster of a different view or faith as one not following the truth, will be considered religious arrogance and dogma.

My co. Well, that happened not long ago at journeys, so that I am a bit surprised, how long moonshiner was "defended", when in fact he/she didn't comply to many of the rules...It's just a sample...but either it's taken as a step forward - drawing really lines also for the unbelievers - or setting up a lot of good rules becomes a bit of a farce, because what's the use in being pretty precise & then giving lots of smacks of a doublestandard.

Europe is fairly secular...the last draft/edition of the to come European constituition has no direct mentioning of God...which many praise others don't.Schröder made his oath being sworn in
as chancellor without the help me God...
there is a whole state in Northern Germany, formerly part of eastern Germany, where they use the help of former missionaries to Indonesia to talk to the inhabitants there, who are predominantly - way over 90%, from what I remember - atheists or agnostics...
I live in a pretty "post-christian/modern" society
& tend myself to give the atheist more leeway (also having them among my very relatives) ...depending on their charcter/attitude... the same would go for journeys...but somewhere should also be the line.
I hope people are getting that sometime soon ...may be I'll resort next time to the comment:

pls. read the journeys-rules thoroughly...

I know believers can be very preachy, but the atheistic websites show me, how similarly preachy those people are, very fierce & adamant & I have the feeling, that some journeys-posters got their inspiration there & like to transpond that on that board, to have some little "warfare" there...not much yet, really,...but the danger IMO is, that it can get worse, if people aren't reminded of the rules.

No angry debating allowed please. Posts are subject to removal if content is vulgar and/or willfully offensive.

Lively discussions are encouraged as long as a certain level of civility is maintained. Please don't make it personal.

There is no need for personal attacks. If you have a specific problem with a poster, settle it outside of the forum. Threads of that nature will be deleted.

my co. Well, may be we should use more the email-
option.That's the convenient thing at, providing a sort of central register.

Avoid mindless rhetoric. If you wish to debate, do your homework.

Interpretation of the above is the responsibility of the coordinator(s).
This version of the rules and guidelines may be updated without notice and supersedes all previous versions.
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