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Benefits of doubting

Posted by Passing By on August 30, 2006 at 13:09:37

In Reply to: Re: You got it! posted by susie on August 30, 2006 at 03:01:06:

Hi Susie, I feel so close to you now that I could feel your heart beat. So I am also going to give you the benefit of the doubt and forget the impression I've got of you from your writings and will think you sincerely believe my post was 'religious' just because I said 'Light of the Gospel'. For this reason I am going to answer now.

To contextualize the quote you are using, here is the whole paragraph:
"In spite of that, I wish that TF one day will see the LIGHT and renounce the evil doctrines taught by Berg and still play a strong role in their life, and return to the simplicity of the Gospel, the real Gospel of Jesus."

So, this sound religious to you? To prove that is not religious, one could only change the part that bothers you "the Gospel, the real Gospel of Jesus" for something else, let's say "communal living", "eating stale bread", "singing", "playing rugby", etc.

The whole post was not religious neither was that paragraph but, paying attention to your own posts in this thread, it is clear that you want to convert this paragraph and my post into a religious issue. It is not! You are trying to make it something that it is not.

My answer was not about religion or my journey, or your journey, or the writer's journey. In fact, you are trying to make it sound as if I am attacking the writer, the messager instead of the message. You are also wrong on that account.

I am attacking only one of the many other excellent points the writer brought up, the idea that a generation of SGA is free from the abuse prevalent in TF, and because of it the new up coming Family leadership, which is coming out from this new group of SGA, is now going to be free from the illness of Berg's doctrines.

What is wrong with this? It seems I didn't do a good job at that and I carelessly wrote a religious post instead. I beg your pardon and take exception from that opinion. You are wong, and trying to make it a religious issue is disturbing because it makes me think that there may be some interest in not seeing the fact that TF has been, is, and will be a barrel of poisoned fruit.

Another point that you make in a more coherent way is that you "...reposted that post from a website that is for Second Generation Family members whose lives have been ruined by the Family." as if this is a warning to leave it alone and take as it is with only praise or silence. Is this for real?

Your second point abobut the board rules is actually funny because you are trying to split a hair I totally cannot spare anymore but just in case you missed it, I have read the rules of this board and understand why this board is about.

Third, "These kids have had enough of the Gospel, they do not want to hear about it. And neither do a lot of the people who post on GenX." Since you are trying to make my post look religious when it is not, this is an empty argument. However, taking it at face value I cannot disagree with the point you are making it. Many people have had enough of the Gospel but it is a mute argument because it is only you who is making it a religious issue. - and it is not!

Finally, "If you don't like me or have a problem with me just come right out and say it. I can take it!" C'mon! Of course you can take it, and also you can leave it. I have seen you both ways. That's why I am surprised, and gladly, that you actually got so close to me this time. Hmmm.

But to answer your question, no, I don't dislike you. I think you are a young woman (I can say that because I am a very old man) who is learning many things, may be even good things. You, as the rest of us do to, have the right to make your own mistakes.

Neither do I have a problem with you, I respect your ideas and admire your fortitude. This doesn't mean that I condone your attitude, which has been insensitive for the most part, even in this short exchange. Sometimes you come through as condescending and patronizing but so do I, so what if we are a little arrogant? If that's what makes you get up in the morning and do wonderful things for the world arround you, more power to you. If not, I can asure you that it is not my problem but yours.

In conclusion, I am glad that you gave me the benefit of the doubt and that I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Doubting is not always bad, is it? Feel free to drop me a line here and there. See you around.