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Re: the posts I deleted below

Posted by Farmer on September 01, 2006 at 01:05:57

In Reply to: Re: the posts I deleted below posted by susie on August 31, 2006 at 18:59:34:

You safeguarded your post, your idea with the word probably...from what I know about women personally is, that they always were good for a surprise, good & it showed me, that I didn't really know them well...(or in different words, can someone understand a woman?...well don't worry, it's not nearly as I hardly understand myself!Seriously!)

One thing I would venture out to say is, that you have a real soft inner self/ heart with some verbal/mental barbed wire around to protect you...but we're all like that more or less...having failed, having been used, been misguided/deceived, we're more careful now then ever...but then we can only melt...being molded, when we're exposed to some "good energy", the perfect source...some real light & not some erring star, false light.

It's good to find honest, sincere don't pretend..when you have a bad day, a tough time, you say so.

Remember the Maria-letter, where she admonished
the people to smile, even if they don't feel like it...I felt that was a stupid letter, even in TF.
When I don't feel like smiling, it looks like such a false smile.All you need to do is telling people, that you're not upset at them, but that you're going through some rough times.

It even gets you some sympathy from people, may be some advice...never understood the letter, except, that TF always wants to do good PR, which means money...contacts...blah, blah