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Re: Interesting Gen-X article

Posted by Acheick on September 19, 2006 at 15:45:19

In Reply to: Re: Interesting Gen-X article posted by Jo on September 19, 2006 at 01:11:21:

I agree with you. I think also every situation is different. My children do not blame me even though I've apologized profusely over the years. They do like to make fun of me as a hippie though - they don't condemn me, but they like to poke fun at me about it.

I think people that weren't really around that hippie time period and the beginning of TF, the very early days, will have a hard time understanding the whole dynamics of it. The message of Timothy Leary being sent around was "Drop out, Tune in and Turn on." So many of the youth were experimenting with drugs. LSD was a new thing and not illegal. The Vietnam war was unpopular. The youth were disallusioned and looking for something better. It was an across the board thing and hit hard on well-to-do families. Everyone wanted to be a part of this new wave. Who can forget Woodstock or Golden Gate Park? It was a major phenomenon. You could find hippies hitch-hiking eveyrwhere around the country. Signs were posted on establishments, no shoes, no service, long-hair not allowed. Try to imagine that.

What happened with Berg was that he was clever enough to use that anti-establishment fervor and youthful angst and turn it around to his own end. I think it was an unfortunate series of events and I do rue the day that I met TF. Like you said, if I had known that one day they would ask me to be sexually active with different partners and go out and be a hooker for Jesus, I would have never darkened the doors of their domiciles. It did not start off that way and was in fact, just the opposite.