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That was Witty & Brilliant Commentary

Posted by R.R.I. on September 28, 2006 at 20:36:24

In Reply to: NEWS FLASH!! GNs are not written, just babbled, cut & paste slogans posted by Professor Lit Crit on September 27, 2006 at 21:20:56:

You understand many things about the art of writing. It's been a long time since I appreciated the ideas you bring up about Family literary forms and inventive use of language arts.

I believe that knowledge can lead to wisdom, and that both these--Logos and Ruah--will set a person free from slavery to their baser instincts and ideas. Liberation of the mind through its cultivation. Opening up to endless possibility by cutting loose and trusting the inspiration of God, or whatever it is you want to call that breath of something greater than yourself that gives you hope of immortality.

Knowledge and wisdom are a single blessing and should never be separated.

Moving on to baser things--such as "a cliche-ridden Harry Potter novel without an interesting children's story to capture the imagination." Have you read any of TF's kiddie porn? There's a very interesting opus by Berg-butt-f-us called "My Childhood Sex." Fully illustrated comic book in a little studied genre--kiddie porn to titillate represssed adults. I do wonder sometimes about who the WS staff were that worked on that piece of religio-erotic art. I have grudging admiration for the WS wonks who worked on Berg's (but now de Zerb's) creative musings.

Zerb's literary imagination is disturbed, but largely flat and repetitive. Kind of like the endless stretch of cornfields in Kansas as you gaze out the window of a Greyhound bus...bird food as far as the eye can see. In Zerby I see only grains and glimerings of human awareness and the ability to communicate out of the inner fire that some of us call sacred and inviolate.

Berg captures my imagination so much more because he is grandiose and flamboyant where Zerb is flatter than the Texas panhandle. I'll respect Zerb more as a writer when she puts out her own version of "My Childhood Sex." Gosh darn! What I'd give to challenge the Queen of the Mean Prophecy Machine to thrown down the guantlet! Oh sorrowful queen, tell the world about your childhood sex--Please? A Family pub like this would spread like wildfire and activate the community into immediate action (of some sort).

If you, O brilliant Professor of Clit Writ, have an inside track to WS staff and the many other hardworking people who serve a wounded queen, consider the fact that her puckered majesty hasn't been producing enough honey for the worker bees to spread all over the internet in the name of justice and truth.

Will Zerb's enemies use her own words against her? Absolutely. Karen Zerby is a decrepit reptilian predator. No one can expose an innocent person of character defects they do not possess. And facts speak for themselves: Karen Zerby's son slaughtered her best friend in an act of cold-blooded fury and need for revenge.

How do I know this to be a fact? Rick told the world what was going on in his mind and heart before he did the deed. There's no guesswork about Rick's motivations. Who you gonna believe? Someone who died to speak his truth about the sin of murder, or someone too cowardly to come out in the open and speak about the tree from which that fruit has fallen?