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Addressing you concerns

Posted by on October 14, 2006 at 23:54:42

I want to address any concerns you seem to have about writing affidavits, I donít believe you'er hesitant because you donít know the truth, If we are all honest it seems the biggest concern so far is covering your ass, (no offence intended) not that I blame you. Remember this, YOU are NOT on trial. We are not prosecuting you. You are only testifying and confirming what we and you have been through in the family and know went on. I am not trying to attack you, I want to put your fears at rest. But you talk about helping, who cares if the records are public? How many people do you know that go down to the public records everyday to pull up files to see whatí going on? Do you? Beside what do you care if itís the truth? The only people who may see anything is the family, and since when do you give a crap about what they think anymore?

Donít worry about the Media, they are not after you, and the only people they have interviewed are people who were willing to, they have strict policies about protecting victims and naming names without permission or probable cause. They are your last concern, they are after criminals, and protecting children and victims and helping get our story out to the public. Not attacking people who are sorry and trying to make amends and help us.

Thanks to all of those who have already emailed me offering their help. but where are the rest of you? Many of you have written your own personal testimonies and complaints about the family on this site.

If you are one of those who have written about it on this website just copy and past your previous post into the provided form (which I can provide you with) and sign it. Itís that simple, if the accounts you wrote on here are true then your work is half done, you are just signing you name to what you have already written.

If there are any concerns please email them to me. But please take a few minutes out of your day to do this. This is where it counts, donít let them take this child away from his father, next time it could be someone you know. Please talk to me about this if you have any futher concerns on a private format. Thank you for listening, hopfully you will help.