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Re: multiple handles

Posted by Jo on October 20, 2006 at 00:00:05

In Reply to: multiple handles posted by susie on October 19, 2006 at 21:26:45:

Susie, when they are used in controversial postings and I don't know who it is, it bothers me to think it may be several people posting on a given issue if they are posting in a malicious way or a way that is in a mind f'ing way.

I can see why someone might come and go and use a different name, or like I just did as "ex-clamation" with the Rasputin post. But normally I have posted as "Jo" since coming back around here.

I don't know who is posting as Q1, 2, damaged, etc. I am posting as Jo at journeys. Sometimes I have posted in the past using a different handle but mostly because I am posting about something and I want the post to be viewed without prejudice.

So if someone wants to bring up a topic and wants a neutral view without being pre-judged before reading it, I can't blame them.

For whatever reason it can seem to be that a person can get a reputation if a statement is made that is not the most popular view and for those reasons i can understand people posting with other handles.

Does it bother you if someone posts a general interest article or post using a different handle?

In the past I posted as "Celtisha" (long long ago) when I got in a mood to start some Limericks..)