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Re: A new start with new ideas

Posted by Farmer on November 13, 2006 at 02:36:03

In Reply to: Re: A new start with new ideas posted by Jewlz on November 12, 2006 at 18:56:55:

obviously you're not reading too much at movingon or you would have noticed the fair discussions there...fair in the sense, that they reserve TF the right to "exist" anyway, as long as they don't harm anyone....& yes, they discussed what changes would be necessary, to be somewhat "accepted"...

You know why I am p... off Jewlz, because you can't even spell it out, what those people would have to do to please you & to "do well"...I could...I have a very long list....because changes are at least theoretically possible...unfortunately you haven't heard of
witches & people of the occult, criminals etc. converting to Jesus.
There was quite an outrage in Germany about a German lutheran pastor who got converted in his prisoncell in England & now some are finding out, that before (conversion) he had killed his wife...
I guess it's tough for him...but I am not so super fond of the lutheran pastoral system anyway...

And to top that...Germany has now the biggest increase worldwide as far as the Jewish community is concerned...for many Jews it's something close to a miracle, that they feel at all to settle in exactly that country, which so horrible persecuted them & massacred them...may be you ponder about that a bit...dare to compare TF with the holocaust??????

I kind of get why you have to keep up your stance, but I am convinced you're wrong: why? Simple: if TF would convert "my style"/ to my liking, they'd be genuinely Christian, hence you must be against it, I understand, but that causes my outrage, because you "forbid" something, though in mind here "only", which I am convinced, cannot be stomped out...the danger now in the discussion with you is, that you constantly overlook, that I made very high premises, which you don't even care about, but frankly...I don't care either about your objection...tough.